Welcome to Ruminations of Ramdas.

If you have read something on this blog, you may be interested in knowing something about me.

My name is Ramdas. I live in Bangalore, but I am originally from Kochi in Kerala. I work in the media and technology industry. I have lived a fairly ordinary life so far, achieved little, but have few complaints. Despite the mundane life I live, I feel that certain anecdotes, thoughts, sketches, and stories may interest some of you.

On this blog you will find certain stories that are personal, some hopefully thought provoking, and many absolutely boring.

My interests keep varying as I get bored very fast. However, if I consider what has remained constant over the past two decades, it would be  listening and some times singing (mostly to myself or some very close friends) soft, melodious music that spans genres and languages; cinema that’s vintage; and reading up on all sorts of sundry things.

Though rigors of my profession have made me put on a mask of an extrovert; I am actually a very shy, retiring, and reticent person. I have created this chronicle because I feel that it’s important to document my life for posterity even when I believe few would be interested.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I absolutely love your blog. Your post about God is what brought me here, and I often contemplate the same topics. But one thing is clear — you have a talent with self-awareness that not many people do.

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