New Year Resolutions

I stopped making new year resolutions, by the time I turned 14.

I realised by then that I am a weak mortal, with weaker will power, and concluded that since I am anyway going to break them, why generate another laundry list.

But here goes for 2012, which according to Mayans is End-of-World.

  1. Get back to shape, and hit the treadmill or hit the road regularly. At least 3-4 times a week.Buy that cycle, and start cycling. Allah give me some more money.
  2. Be punctual as far as possible. Don’t over-commit….
  3. Start reading the books that are piling up.
  4. Be less philosophical and more pragmatic.
  5. Eat more vegetables. Reduce carbs. Avoid colas, sweets and other rubbish food.
  6. Write this blog regularly. 21 posts in 4 months I guess was fantastic, but I am getting lazy.
  7. Clean-up more code, and release more to Open Source world.
  8. Write sensibly.
  9. Sleep on time & wake upon time.
  10. Be more social.
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